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Common Threads Art Collective and Stephanie Rothenberg

A series of public interventions that bring awareness to the experiences of 14th Street retail workers, past, present and future.

Share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas on retail work. This is an open forum for retail workers and their allies to spread the word about what its really like working in and living on retail work in New York City.

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What is the most difficult aspect of working in the retail industry?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 25th 5-8pm DisPosing: Mannequins Strike a New Pose.

DisPosing: Mannequin Uprising
Sunday, October 25th 5-8pm

14th Street Mannequins have broken out of the stores and onto the streets.

They are not taking any more abuse.
They are sick & tired of standing all day.
They want fair breaks, fair wages & life outside work.

14th Street Mannequins have united for dignity at work and need your support.
Help them strike a new pose.

In return you will get limited supplies coupons advertising no retail bargains, a Retail Workers’ Survival Guide with insiders tips on retail work, & hear from allied retail workers in "Project Retailing" video projections.

Don't miss this opportunity to join the Mannequin Uprising (MU).

Dates Changes!
Sunday, October 25th is the finale of Retailing 14th Street. Events previously posted for Saturday, October 24th & Monday October 26th will now occur on Sunday, October 25th.

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