Worked retail? Speak out!

Common Threads Art Collective and Stephanie Rothenberg

A series of public interventions that bring awareness to the experiences of 14th Street retail workers, past, present and future.

Share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas on retail work. This is an open forum for retail workers and their allies to spread the word about what its really like working in and living on retail work in New York City.

Feel free to post comments, articles, photos or interviews.

AIOP in action

What is the most difficult aspect of working in the retail industry?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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  1. When most places fire employees, a retailer that hire them should be thanked for, not attacked.
    Most NY retailers hire lots of part time, in between jobs etc. employees, and will not survive if offered more than the minimum wage.
    Minimum wage is not for the working adult that support his family, but for a young person that starts his first jobs, and would not have one without the minimum wage option.
    The whole minimum wage idea is to support the employee from abuse, and is bound by law by legistlators.
    Do not attack the retailers, by this act you'll drive them out of our neighborhood, and than we will have no jobs at all.