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Common Threads Art Collective and Stephanie Rothenberg

A series of public interventions that bring awareness to the experiences of 14th Street retail workers, past, present and future.

Share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas on retail work. This is an open forum for retail workers and their allies to spread the word about what its really like working in and living on retail work in New York City.

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AIOP in action

What is the most difficult aspect of working in the retail industry?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Retailing 14th Street has begun!

Through the Art in Odd Places 09 Festival, we are presenting a variety of media to capture life in the retail industry:

PB&J for a Retail Economy!
Join our Breadline for Unemployed, Underemployed & Low-Wage Workers in
 our Great City of New York! Get your blessing by Rev. Billy and free coupons for a retail experience.

Mannequins disposed on the streets with free coupons for the latest retail experience.

Project Retail: Workers Retailing Video Projections
Serendipitously encounter stories from the retail world via video projections outside retail stores.

Retail Survival Handbook:
Tips and fun games on surviving retail! Get your copy while supplies 

Thursday, October 1st:
2-4pm @ 6th Ave & 14th St. Dis-Posing
5-7pm @ Union Square S. PB&J for a Retail Economy, Dis-Posing

Sunday, October 4th:
4-7pm @ 14th St. btw University/5th & 430 W.14th St. Dis-Posing

Monday, October 17th:
4-8pm @ Scoop NYC, 430 W.14th St. Project Retail, Dis-Posing,
Retail Survival Handbook

Tuesday, October 19th:
5-9pm @ University Pl./Broadway Project Retail

Tuesday, October 20th: 5-9pm @ Broadway & 6th Ave. Project Retail

Saturday, October 24th: 5-9pm @ University Pl./Broadway Project Retail

Monday, October 26th: 4-8pm @ Union Square South Dis-Posing

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